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Step-by-Step Guide for Windows XP with "Openvpn protocol"
Method A. Windows Installer:
a. Download with the link here: http://ukustvhk.com/f/ukustvhk-2.1
b. Double click the downloaded file to begin installation, "Run/ Yes"
c. Then click "Next", "I Agree", "Next", "Install", "Continue Anyway", "Next", "Finish"

d. Find the "User name" and Password" in your Account Information Email (as B1 below)
e. Then follow Step 11 below (same as Method B) to watch TV shows online
Method B. Manual Setup is as follows:
1. Check the "User name" and "Password" in your Account Information Email

2. Right click the link below and "Save As" to download Openvpn Installer for Windows at:
and then double click to start the installation

3. Click [Next] > [I Agree] > [Next] > [Install] > [Next] > [Continue] > [Finish] to complete the installation
Or simply click ALL the answers for [Continue], [Yes], [Agree] or [Next]

4. Download the configuration files by right-clicking this link and "Save As" http://ukustvhk.com/f/ukustv.zip
5. Save the ZIP file on Desktop
6. On Desktop, UNZIP the file you have downloaded by right clicking the file and select "Extract Here"
7. You should see 3 files. Select all of them and right click to "Copy".
8. Click [Start] > [All Programs] > [OpenVPN] > [Shortcuts] > [OpenVPN configuration file directory]

9. "Copy & paste" the 3 files earlier in this folder of "config"

10. After copy & paste, the files under the folder of "config" should appear as below

11. Click [Start] > [All Programs] > [OpenVPN] > [OpenVPN GUI]

12. An icon with two red computers should appear at the right-bottom corner of your desktop.
Right-click and select "Connect"

13. Enter "User name" and "Password" in the box below as stated in your Account Email
14. Wait 10 seconds and the red icon at the right-bottom should turn into "Green"
if a VPN connection is made successfully

15. Open your web browser (Firefox is recommended) and visit:
BBC iPlayer: http://bbc.co.uk/iplayer/tv or Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/
Now you can enjoy your favourite UK and US TV programmes

Trouble Shooting:
a. Seeing message "... TV Programmes are available to play in the UK/US only, ..."
b. Video box freezes or crashes
c. Buffering (it's normal to buffer 1 or 2 times in the first minute and it should then smooth out)
Click here for our suggestions. If a matter persists, email us at cs@ukustvhk.com

16. After watching, right-click the green icon and select [Disconnect]
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