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Step-by-Step Guide for Mac OS X 10.5 and above with "Openvpn protocol"
1. Check the "User name" and "Password" in your Account Information Email

2. Click the link below to download Openvpn Tunnelblick Apps for Mac at:
and open the Tunnelblick Installer in your dowland folder

( ** If you have an older version of tunnelblick, to Uninstall, go to [Applications > Tunnelblick.app], right click [Move to Trash]
or click here: http://ukustvhk.com/f/Tunnelblick_Uninstaller
and open in your download folder to Uninstall. Then use the Installer link above to reinstall )

3. Double-click the [Tunnelblick icon] to begin the installation
4. Click [Open] to continue
5. Enter the "Name" and "Password" of your Mac (** NOT your VPN account**), then click [OK]
6. Click [Install] and then [Launch]
7. Click [Open]
8. Click [I have configuration files]
9. Select [OpenVPN Configuration(s)]
10. The folder of "Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configurations" should appear
(put the instruction message box on one side)

11. Download UKUSTV configuration files by clicking this link: http://ukustvhk.com/f/ukustv.zip
then open this zip file in your download folder
12. In the folder of "UKUSTV", select ALL 3 files and [Copy]
13. Paste the 3 files to the folder of "Empty Tunnelblick VPN configurations" which has already been opened in Step 10
The files in the folder should appear as below:
(or you can find the "Empty Tunnelblick VPN configurations" folder at the desktop)
14. Right Click the top bar of the folder window, select [Desktop]

15. Rename the "Empty ..." folder to "ukustv.tblk", then select [Add]

16. Double Click the file "ukustv.tblk" and select [Done]

17. Click [Do not check for a change], [Only Me],
fill in your Mac "Name" and "Password again (**NOT yourVPN account"), [OK],
[OK], and [Don't check]

18. At the top-right corner of your Mac, click the icon of Tunnelblick and select [Connect UKUSTV]
19. Enter "User name" and "Password" in the box below as stated in your Account Email, then [Save] and [OK]
20. At the top-right of your Mac, if VPN is connected successfully, the Tunnelblick icon will turn "Yellow"

21. Open your web browser (Firefox is recommended) or Safari browser and visit:
BBC iPlayer: http://bbc.co.uk/iplayer/tv or Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/
Now you can enjoy your favourite UK and US TV programmes

Trouble Shooting:
a. Seeing message "... TV Programmes are available to play in the UK/US only, ..."
b. Video box freezes or crashes
c. Buffering (it's normal to buffer 1 or 2 times in the first minute and it should then smooth out)
Click here for our suggestions. If a matter persists, email us at cs@ukustvhk.com

22. After watching, click the Tunnelblick icon at the top-right, select [Disconnect UKUSTV]
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