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Step-by-Step Guide for Android
1. Email cs@ukustvhk.com and let us know you need a Setup file for "OpenVPN in Android"
we will send you the setup file via email
(or you can right-click "Save As" the setup file here with a computer and email the file to the email address of your Android's Google Mail App)
2. Check your email in Android and [Save] the attached file (saved in folder "Download" by default)

3. Check the "Internet Address", "User name" and "Password" in your Account Information Email

4. User Google Play Store to download "OpenVPN Connect" released by OpenVPN, and install
5. Open "OpenVPN Connect" App, click the [Menu Button] of your Android, select [Import].
Then select [Import Profile from SD card]
6. Select [Download] folder or where you saved the Setup File we sent to you via email
Click the Setup File and [Select]
7. If an attention box pops up, tick [I trust this application] and [OK]
8. Enter "User name" and "Password" in the boxes below as stated in your Account Email.
Then tick [Save] and [Connect]
9. Wait for a few seconds. When VPN is connected, the green "Connected" icon should appear
10. Visit BBC iPlayer:http://bbc.co.uk/iplayer/bigscreen/ or http://www.bbc.co.uk/mobile/iplayer/tv
Choose a programme you like. Please be patient, it can take 30seconds before the video plays
11. To disconnect, tap [Disconnect]

12. For other UK Channels like ITV and 4oD, Android Apps are required.
If you do not have these Apps, you need a UK Google Play account to download and install them
If you DO NOT have a UK Google Play account, email us at: cs@ukustvhk.com to get the Apps and follow the steps below to install
13. To install the .apk Apps, first download and install "Apk Installer" released by Graphilos Studio in Google Play Store
14. Transfer the .apk files to a folder of your Android (or SDCard).
Open "Apk Installer"and find the .apk files, select [Install]
15. Connect VPN and open ITV or 4oD Apps for video streaming
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