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Create UK/US iTune account or US virtual Visa card:
Installing BBC iPlayer, ITV Player or 4oD Apps to iPad/iPhone: require UK iTune account
Installing ABC, CW, CBS, NBC, FOX Apps to iPad/iPhone: require US iTune account
Subscribing Hulu + or Netflix US: require US virtual Visa card

A. Creating UK/US iTune account

1. Open iTune, "Store > Sign Out" first, then go to "App Store" and click on any Free App (Must!)
2. Click "+Free", then select "Create Apple ID"
3. Select "Continue"
4. Select the country you want (UK or USA) and remember to click "Change", then tick and agree
5. Fill in details (use a new/another email for this new iTune account) and continue
6. Select "None" as payment method and fill in billing address (any valid UK/US address)
(UK suggestion: 30 Park Row, London, SE109LS, UK; area code: 44; 11-digit 079XXXXXXXX)
(US suggestion: 6100 Main Street, Houston, TX, 77251, USA; area code 001; 7-digit 713XXXX)
Click "Create Apple ID"
7. Check your email to verify and sign-in with your new iTune account/password
8. In App Store of iTune, for UK iTune, search "BBC iPlayer", "ITV Player" or "4oD"
for US iTune, search "ABC", "CW", "FOX", "CBS", "NBC", "Hulu" or "Netflix"
to install their Apps in iPad/iPhone

B. Creating US virtual Visa card of EntroPay:
EntroPay is free-of-charge, you can charge up from your personal Visa card (overseas)
The fee is 4.95% and US$20 is the mimimum charge up amount
1. Register at https://www.entropay.com/register-fast
2. Remember to enter your Real Country under "Country"; EntroPay card will still be recognized as US
3. Receive your EntroPay card number and expiry date
4. Connect VPN, access Netflix US or Hulu+, then subscribe with your EntroPay card

C. If any matter, email us at cs@ukustvhk.com and our customer service will help.
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